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Montagna e lago

One Water,
Many Uses

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La Serenissima Hyperthermal Cosmetics chooses for its treatments the most precious ingredient on Earth:

the WATER.

Our Hyperthermal Water is unique in the world.

Life, Health, Beauty in its purest form.

This miraculous water is located in Abano Terme, Italy, a Roman thermal colony at the foot of the Euganean Hills, volcanoes that are partly extinct but with a boiling and generous heart, rich in minerals and very pure substances that man has never contaminated.

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La Serenissima Gold Water
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Millenial source of well being and life

La Serenissima Hypertermal Water for  You 

  • Refresh your face, moisturize it as a morning and evening tonic on cleansed skin

  • Over the make-up to make it last longer and keep the skin more elastic,

  • After shaving to remineralize the skin, as a handbag cooler for hot and muggy climates,

  • In case of skin irritation redness acne,

  • As a natural anti-wrinkle moisturizer thanks to the principle that detoxifies and releases precious minerals

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We base our philosophy on a certainty:

to be truly effective, a cosmetic must contain absolutely special, natural, pure elements rich in beneficial substances.

In addition to Hyperthermal Water, we combine innovation and research, the certainty of offering a line of products that embodies the best that italian cosmetic science can offer.

Eco - Packaging - no gas

200 ml standard - normal use at home

100 ml to always carry with you

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La Serenissima Cosmetics  Hypertermale water in the desert.

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