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Now-how to listen and understand, plan, put into practice, and revolutionize the market.

These are the characteristics of Ital-Plastick, a company with two offices located in Cittadella and Galliera Veneta (PD).


Ital-Plastick is an expression of the Made in Italy Style

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Founded in the early sixties, we have over 55 years of experience producing PVC windows and door frames, as well as building the production machinery itself. We are conti-nuously doing the work of renovation and research, all for the satisfaction of our customers.

A highly qualified technical staff combined with the use of state-of- the-art systems make it pos- sible to independently monitor and manage the entire production process, from processing and extrusion of the raw material to the finished product.


3500 kilometers of extruded profiles in a year

Ital-Plastick: since 1963 we have traveled the circumference of the Earth four times with our profi- les.


1200 kilometers

Doors and windows produced every day with our profiles.

48 families who choose windows produced with Ital-Plastick profiles every day. 510 square kilometers of doors and windows produced every year.

Ital-Plastick: in fifty years we have covered an area the size of Germany.

The production is divided into three units:

Production of machines for the windows industry

Extrusion of PVC profiles for doors and windows

Production and assembly of finished doors and windows

Image by Daniel Wirtz


Viale dell' Artigianato, 20 

35013 Cittadella - Padova


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